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I find that what means most to
me is representational type art,
that with some other meaning but
my own. It's as if the work creates
itself through my hands.
I am mostly an observer.

I am after the simple essence of
whatever I am doing. The type of
art I have been doing has
been called
"stylized realism."

There is an ancient
Chinese proverb that says,
"the master paints not the
created thing, but the focus
that created it."


Started sculpting in May 2001
self taught

2004 Honorable Mention
Thousand Oaks Art Association

2007 Best in Show
Catalina Island Art Association

2011 First Prize in 3-D Art/Sculpture
Thousand Oaks Art Association


1969 Bachelor's Degree
Cellular Biology
University of California, Santa Barbra

1971 Doctor of Dental Science
Washington University

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